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Here’s where you’ll find the sweet spot!

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If we’re going to make our mark in the world of animal healthcare, there needs to be collaboration. If we're going to drive positive change, there needs to be innovation. That’s why Animal Health Angels exists. We connect the right people and ideas, with the right resources and spirit, that all together makes great things happen.


Fueling innovation

We take forward-thinking and innovative start-ups and introduce them to our trusted network of mentors, advisors and forward-thinking investors to guide them on their journey and fuel their progress.

Animal Health Angels was founded in 2023, and we’ve launched in a period of rapid and exciting change and technological shifts that we need to stay ahead of.

Pioneering advancements

We believe by bringing together the right people, with the same values and drive, we can develop and deliver ground-breaking advancements in animal health for today, tomorrow and future generations to come.

And – by bringing together such a passionate and diverse group of people with a common goal – we’ll have a great time along the way too.

Animal Health Angels - Women testing samples in laboratory

Our vision

We invest in the brilliant businesses that are destined to make animal health care better. That means empowering visionary owners. Promoting true innovation. Connecting like-minded leaders. And providing the support and mentorship that can turn an entrepreneurial spirit into a spark that ignites a world of progress.

We are not for profit. Always for integrity. Never afraid to think differently, as we strive to make a difference in the industry we love.

Our mission and values

Connecting entrepreneurs with experienced animal health professionals to accelerate innovation through Angel Investment.

We really care.

About people. About animals. About wellbeing.

We think big.

As entrepreneurs. As innovators. As change makers.

We work openly.

With integrity. With equality. With togetherness.

We reach far.

Embracing differences. Widening participation. Increasing diversity.

But as a group of like-minded individuals we also make sure we have some fun too.